Villa Harmony

Villa Harmony
Modra - Harmónia
Atelier 008 s.r.o.
Ján Kukuľa, Romana Kukuľová, Peter Šajgalík, Martina Šajgalíková, Igor Cencer
Working drawings
507 m²

Client´s brief called for the remodelling of the existing house located at the edge of Modra-Harmonia garden suburb on a sloping site in direct proximity to the forest. Original house underwent many random alterations and additions over the last years without a unifying concept. All these accretions were removed at the start of the design process up to the perimeter walls of the original house. New building is dominated by the parasol shaped roof with long, thin cantilevers from the south and east, providing shading of the top floor with large proportion of glazing during the summer period. The entrance floor comprises large hall with wide stairs leading to particular stairway hall - a private gallery illuminated by combination of natural light from the above roof light and artificial light. Cantilevered shelf on the 1st floor, a place for installation of the sculpture, is unique feature of the house. The stairs are dominating the whole interior space interconnecting different levels in a different way. Main living area with kitchen and dining is situated on the top floor. Large number of full-height curtain walls and spacious terrace are connecting the interior with surrounding nature.