Viewing Tower on Duben

Viewing Tower on Duben
Atelier 008 s.r.o.
Ján Kukuľa, Igor Cencer, Peter Šajgalík
Competition entry
Town of Žilina
18 m²

The tower is located on the top of Dubeň hill above the town of Žilina. The key factor in proposal was its appearance in views from Národná ulica, Hlinkové námestie and Farské schody. Architects proposed simple yet attractive form well visible from far away without being extremely high. Tower features trilateral prism volume with two trilateral pyramids on the top. The platform offers 360 degrees views but the view of Žilina is emphasized through the provision of cantilevered platform on this side. All building materials are used in their natural state, without additional finishes, enabling natural weathering and minimum maintenance.