Senior Housing Opava

Senior Housing Opava
Hálkova ulica, Opava
Atelier 008 s.r.o.
Ján Kukuľa, Jozef Jakuš, Juraj Pilka, Boris Chmel, Marcel Špičák
Competition entry
Town of Opava
655 m²

Location and massing of the proposed senior housing reflects urban layout and height of neighbouring buildings. Orientation of proposed 5-storey block minimizes overshadowing of adjoining buildings and maximizes daylight penetration from the south. They layout of typical storey is based on single loaded corridor on street side with apartments facing the courtyard. This dichotomy is reflected also on the facades. The street facade is more opaque with less glazing whilst the back facade is residential in character dominated by the grid of windows and balconies. Design of the street facade with angular treatment of corridor walls, composed vertical glazed openings and projecting landscaped balconies contributes to the quality of the public space in the immediate neighbourhood in the appropriately understated manner.