Senec Town Hall

Senec Town Hall
Mierové námestie, Senec
Atelier 008 s.r.o.
Ján Kukuľa, Peter Šajgalík, František Šeliga
Competition entry
Town of Senec

2380 m²

The brief of the competition called for an enlargement of office and representative spaces of the Senec town hall in order to consolidate all municipal offices under one roof. New client centre, wedding hall and town chamber was also required.

New block had been proposed at the back of the existing building closing off the courtyard at its southern edge, making it a key public space providing new entrance to the clients centre with possible link to adjoining synagogue building.

New contemporary architectural language of the additions forms a new historical layer of the Town Hall. The new is blending well with the old creating harmonious whole with redefined and revitalised courtyard in the centre.

The geometry of facade divisions is reflecting the spatial hierarchy and preferred views. The strict geometry is softened by perforated timber facade adding to the civic character of the building.