Selce Kindergarten

Selce Kindergarten
Atelier 008 s.r.o.
Ján Kukuľa, Igor Cencer, Peter Šajgalík
Competition entry
Town of Selce

843 m²

New kindergarten is proposed as a part of an existing school site adjacent to the primary school building and directly adjoining an existing canteen which will serve both primary school and a new kindergarten when completed. We opted for the relaxed asymmetrical building with the linear configuration of three playrooms rising up the terrain gently in accordance with the topography of the site. The building is single storey on the side where it adjoins the canteen and it rises up to the opposite side where the entrance to the multipurpose community room is located. Semi-basement under the upper part of the building can be used as a storage area for waste containers, bicycles and garden equipment.