Mixed-use Development

Mixed-use Development
Saratovská ulica, Bratislava
Atelier 008 s.r.o.
Ján Kukuľa, Romana Kukuľová, Igor Cencer, Peter Šajgalík
Land Use Permission Documentation
Ennel, s.r.o
13472 m²

Proposal for the new block in the very centre of Dubravka Town District replaces existing complex of derelict blocks built in 1970s as offices and a distribution centre for the Post Office. The location benefits from its proximity to local transport (trams and buses), shops, services, schools and a local health centre.
We had opted for the traditional city block concept with services and parking located underground, shops and offices on the ground level and residential use on the upper levels. Residential blocks are arranged around a central landscaped courtyard used as a playground and a community park whilst also providing pedestrian access to all residential units, cafes, most shops and a restaurant. Blocks vary in size in response to the orientation to prevent overshadowing of proposed apartments and adjoining buildings. All flat roofs are used as amenities, ranging from green areas, private terraces, communal meeting spots to a netted sport playground on the lowest block with direct access from adjoining blocks via elevated walkways.
Our priority was to create vibrant, attractive and stimulating urban environment contributing to the quality of life of its future residents whilst also benefitting entire neighbourhood.