Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes
Atelier 008 s.r.o.
Ján Kukuľa, Jozef Jakuš, Juraj Pilka
Competition entry
Danubia Invest, a.s.

On the Danube’s right bank in the area of the Hrušov dam in Čunovo a new international sport and tourism centre known as Danubia Park is being planned. On a site of 220 hectares construction is being prepared for a number of facilities and attractions for recreational and serious sport-people, tourists, and ordinary visitors. The investor, the Danubia Invest Company sought proposals for the design through an urbanism/architectural competition.

In our proposal we had lifted the houseboat some 4,8m above the ground level to enhance views and to protect the structure from flooding.

The concept of the house is based on the composition of solid volumes separated by glass screens providing visual and physical links between interior and exterior.