Community Centre

Community Centre
Kadnárová 68, 831 51 Bratislava
Atelier 008 s.r.o.
Ján Kukuľa, Peter Šajgalík, František Šeliga
Working drawings
OZ Stará jedáleň
605 m²

The project deals with restoration and alterations to the old canteen built originally as a part of secondary school and its conversion into youth centre based on low threshold principles (accessible to any young people) targeting young people living in the neighbourhood. The facility will provide a safe space for leisure time activities for older children and teenagers as well as the facilities for professional staff able to assist young people with their problems. The low threshold program will provide easily accessible services with no special requirements on the visitors. The main purpose of the facility is to create a spatial and material base for community development and social services for local residents.

Two main largest rooms in the building are situated to the south-west. Former canteen will be turned into a community hall – multi-purpose space for the benefit of various groups from the local community. Former kitchen will become common room of the youth centre offering leisure activities and social services for young people. The entrance of community hall is through the foreground connected to the entrance from Pekná cesta. The entrance is followed by the lobby with the access to toilettes serving the hall and the youth centre. The foyer connects the lobby with the hall and the corridor with offices.

The youth centre is directly accessible from the side entrance to the north-west. The lobby is followed by the main room with kitchen, corridor and toilettes. The offices for employees of the youth centre with own kitchenette and toilettes are situated to the north-east.