Aqua Tethys

Aqua Tethys
IN-VI / Atelier 008
Guy Castelain Perry, Ján Kukuľa, Jaroslaw Papla, Jozef Polgáry, Jana Minaroviech, Dorota Dziuban, Maria Majdáková, Monika Baculáková, Cecilia Chiappini, Lukáš Petruš
Urban Study, Development Plan
338 hectares

AQUA TETHYS® is a Spa and Wellness community to be built atop the remainder of the Cenozoic ocean Tethys, which used to cover Slovakia and a significant part of what is now Europe 22 million years ago.
The geothermal capacity of the water produces enough energy for the activities of the water features, the full build out of the resort community as well as to provide energy for thousands of residents in adjacent villages. Aqua Tethys will have an important educational role by highlighting the natural history of the region. It will also help sustain the local village culture by stabilizing the local population and stimulate this rural economy of southern Slovakia.
The 338 hectare site is planned to receive a mixed-use year round program set in an agrarian paradise. The project incorporates a diverse program of leisure and health facilities. Facilities will include hotel, apartments, health clinic with multiple spas, an aqua park, sport facilities and a 8 hectare lake. Each residence has the option of incorporating its own Aqua Tethys pool.