IoT Lab

IoT LAB, TU Košice
FEI, TU Košice
Atelier 008 s.r.o.
Ján Kukuľa, Ján Matulník (CBRE), Igor Cencer
Working drawings
66 m²

The main objective of the project was to modernize and renovate the existing computer laboratory, improve the quality of internal working environment and upgrade technical infrastructural systems in the lab. Existing equipment had over the years become technically and morally obsolete, traditional linear desk configuration no longer met contemporary teaching requirements.

The aim was to create the modern computer lab for the Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. The need to create inspiring and pleasant environment for informal working, socializing and relax was also addressed in the design to complement the primary educational function. Client´s requirement for the space to be used as a university media room was also an important factor. Flexible and multiple ways of power and data connections have been designed to facilitate different spatial configurations (group work, seminar, conference etc.).

New intelligent lighting system was designed with remote control using tablet device. The number of functions including ON/OFF light switching, light dimming, adjustment of light temperature and colour, operation of blackout curtains a interior blinds can be controlled and programmed according to client´s wishes and requirements.

Bespoke plywood wall consisting of and supporting kitchen alcove, storage units, cooling units, wardrobe, electrical switchboard as well as workbench with perforated back panels was designed for the long wall between the corridor and the lab. Raised stepped podium with the lectern also provides space for relax and informal seating for the students.

Blackout curtains and adjustable interior blinds operated by tablet remote control contribute to the quality of internal working environment. Pleasant pastel colours and warm birch plywood finishes help to create attractive and inspiring environment for students, lectors and visitors alike.